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GT40 Guitars

Uniquely designed by GT40
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GT40 Guitars

History and models

GT40 guitars in red, black and Gulf colors

The first limited edition guitars were designed by Safir GT40 to be more than just decals or inlays added to another brands guitars. The ideas had to better represent and commemorate the iconic cars, so GT40 took on the task of working with a designer/manufacturer called Hoodoo guitars to create their own design of guitar. Uniquely, the guitar isn't flat on the top, it boasts the curvy flared fenders as well as the different hood insets that make the GT40 car unique. On the single hood inset, the strings attach to a bridge inside the body of the guitar, giving a very unique look directly representing the car. Other features of the guitar include using an embedded metal chassis plate with the GT40P numbering system used by the cars as well as the trademarked GT40 logos. Of course, certification is another part as ownership in one of these special guitars means you actually own a GT40.

The first GT40 guitars were called the Victory Series and were a beautiful neck-through maple construction only made during the 50th Anniversary years from 2016-2019. If you happened to get your hands on one of these rare collectibles, you really have something special. Rumours state there are less than 20 of these guitars in existence.

Starting in 2020, there was still demand for the GT40 guitars, so Safir GT40 decided to continue the GT40 guitar as a bolt on neck style, while maintaning the stunning body shape of the GT40 cars. This demand came about from both the agreement to provide a matching guitar if you purchased a Gulf 50th Anniversary Tool Room Car, but also GT40 car owners that wanted a guitar to match their prized race cars both in shape and color. Today, not only can you order the Classic GT40 guitar in either a single hood inset or a double hood inset, you can also order and Evolution I or Evolution II guitar.

Elevating the concept of collecting, Safir GT40 operates the GT40 World Registry, an extensive archive documenting all officially sold GT40 cars. This registry allows owners to personally validate their Certificates of Authenticity with their names and photos. As of 2023, this unique registry has also begun maintaining records of all GT40 guitars sold. In a further customization option, customers can request a bespoke certificate, complete with a GT40 folder containing their name and photo. Imagine the thrill of having your name and guitar photos etched into GT40 history following a purchase! It's truly remarkable to witness a company tracking the journey of their products and their ownership throughout the years. With every purchase, you're not merely acquiring an item, but a tangible piece of history.

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GT40® Guitars.

Victory Series Guitars | 2016-2019

The first GT40 guitars started production in 2016 and were only developed for the 50th anniversary years of the GT40 wins at Le Mans. These guitars are an official GT40® product, designed by Sheldon Ryll for Safir GT40. These supercar guitars have matching chassis numbers to some of the most iconic cars in racing history. Safir brought the design concept to a high quality luthier, Hoodoo Guitars, and they manufactured this world class instrument.

This very limited series of guitars are unique and can be recognised by the neck through maple construction with the round GT40®logo on the 12th fret. The also have a metal chassis plate on the back with the description "Victory Series". The guitar was so unique, the first guitar made was featured in the gift guide in Automobile magazine. Although it was advertised there would only be 100 of each guitar available for this Victory Series, the actual number of guitars completed between 2017 and 2019 are estimated to be less than 30. making this series extremely rare.

As design and development progressed with the GT40 guitars, Safir designed a double inset hood guitar to match the GT40 MKI cars from the 60's. Hoodoo guitars only produced one model of this double hood inset GT40 guitar with the neck through construction. It is also unique as it is the only neck though guitar boasting a tremolo system as well as the round GT40® logo on the 12th fret. This guitar was originally desiged for one of the owners of Safir GT40.

Classic Series Guitars | 2020 - current

Customers purchasing GT40 cars from Safir and Superformance were requesting guitars to match their cars. Safir GT40 decided to continue a new guitar line called GT40® Classic Guitars.

This series of guitars can be recognised by the bolt on neck construction as well as the name "GT40" in text on the 12th fret inlay. The series also extended their models to match their cars including a double hood inset design as well. Luckily, you don't have to own a GT40 car to get one of these official GT40's, they are sold online at

Limited Edition Gulf 50th Anniversary Tool Room Car comes with a Gulf guitar

Safir and Superformance worked with Gulf and Mr. John Horsman to produce a limited 50th Anniversary Tool Room car to spec of the Le Mans winning car in 1968 and 1969. What is unique is with the purchase of the cars you get a Gulf branded guitar that also includes a signature from Mr John Horsman.

This is the only GT40 guitars with Gulf decals on it and is only available if you purchase one of the special Tool Room GT40 cars. Visit Superformance for details on purchasing this package: View the Motor Authority link to read more about what GT40 has produced:

GT40 Evolution II guitars

GT40 Evolution II guitars were designed to represent the evolution of the GT40 car. The design has simple clean curves and uses a piano style bridge. As usual, the guitars are made with the highest quality materials and workmaship and can easily becaome your best paying and sounding guitar in your collection. GT40 guitars have embedded metal chassis plates on the back of the guitars as well as come with a certificate of authenticity directly from the GT40 brand.

GT40 guitars - rare victory series GT40 guitars - Classic series 50th Anniversary Gulf GT40 guitar and car GT40 Evolution II guitars
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GT40 Supercar Guitars

Stunning guitars with style and official certification

GT40 Supercar guitars photo gallery


GT40 guitar history

Starting at the 50th Anniverary of the Le Mans wins against Ferrari.

(2020 - Current) GT40 Classic Series
Available now - chassis plates
Choice of single inset, double inset guitars
(2020 - Current) GT40 Evolution Series
Available now - chassis plates
Choice of Evolution I or Evolution II guitars
(2016-2019) GT40 Victory Series - 50th Anniversaries of Le Mans winning GT40
Limited edition - chassis plates
- each guitar is directly related to an actual Le Mans winning car
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GT40® guitars

GT40 guitars offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of both racing and musical history. Inspired by the legendary GT40 race car, these guitars embody the spirit of innovation, craftsmanship, and high performance. Meticulously designed and expertly crafted, GT40 guitars capture the essence of the iconic car, combining sleek aesthetics with exceptional playability and tone. Each instrument is a testament to the enduring legacy of the GT40 and a true collector's item for enthusiasts and music aficionados alike. Whether displayed as a work of art or played on stage, GT40 guitars are a remarkable tribute to both automotive and musical excellence.

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