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Car Guitars

exploring the direct relationship between car brands and guitars

Gibson Guitars

Produced in 1995 - not currently in production
- Visit the Gibdson guitars page for more Corvette models.

PRS Guitars

Produced in 2006 - not currently in production

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Collectors Car Guitars

It is not surprising to learn about the relationship between car collectors and guitars collectors. Both car collectors and guitar collectors share a special bond as both items represent a certain style, a history and an enjoyment level that is difficult to explain. Although cars became mainstream a little earlier than electric guitars, there is a similar time in history when cars and guitars evolved from just modes of transportation to stylish desirable icons.

It is not surprising there are car collectors that also have a room dedicated to guitars. It was a common site to see the 20th century rockstars with posters including both hot cars and hot guitars. Pop culture collectibles really spans the spectrum from toys to sports to musical instruments to automobiles.

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Corvette Guitars

Gibson Les Paul Corvette guitar

  • Uniqueness: 6/10
    (created from an existing Les Paul Guitar)
  • Style and Design relating to the car: 6/10
    (add-on metal engraved parts, color matching and nice inlays)
  • Instrument quality: 10/10
    (As expected, all Custom Shop Gibsons are quality in materials and playability)
  • Certification: COA by Gibson
    (in partnership with Chevrolet)
  • Pricing: estimated range at $10,000-$17,000
    (pricing estimated in 2021)

As iconic cars of the 60s hit important anniversary dates, we started to see the combination of style elements added to existing guitar models, creating a uniquely branded special series of car guitars. Good examples of this would be Gibson creating a commemorative guitar for the 1960 corvette which would be made from a custom shop Gibson Les Paul. In 1996 they released a limited number of these guitars with matching colors to the Corvette cars of the 60's. Although the costs would have been outrageous to create a completely new Gibson guitar model, they did do a good job adding bling to the Les Paul and making the guitar look similar to a 1960 Corvette.

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PRS Corvette Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Corvette guitar

  • Uniqueness: 3/10
    (created from an existing PRS Standard 22 Guitar)
  • Style and Design relating to the car: 3/10
    (Simple Corvette badging, colour matching and nice inlays)
  • Instrument quality: 10/10
    (As expected, all PRS custom guitars are quality in materials and playability)
  • Certification: COA by PRS
    (in partnership with Chevrolet)
  • Pricing: estimated range at $1100-$2800
    (pricing estimated in 2021)

Paul Reed Smith Guitars PRS also did something similar for Corvette for their 50th Anniversary cars. Again, adding a logo and a custom neck inlay was not a new build, this guitar was painted in the same automobile colors of the Corvette cars and became another classic car guitar model. PRS provided two fancy neck inlays both representing the cars, the first was the 427 representing the engine and then the Z06 which was their special Corvette of the time.

Custom Guitars made from actual car parts

Alikat 57 Chev guitar

Although custom guitar makers don't have license agreements with actual car brands, they do deserve an honorable mention for their artisty and luthier skills. Alikat Guitars is a company that specializes in producing unique, handcrafted aluminum guitars. These are meticulously designed, often themed around classic car models like the 57 Chevy. Alikat's products are not just unique in design but also incorporate innovative cost-saving techniques in their construction.

Corvette named Guitars

Although not directly related to an actual Corvette vehicle in any way, The Gretsch Corvette is a highly prized and iconic guitar model that traces its roots back to the mid-20th century. Introduced in the late 1950s, the Corvette models were initially designed as budget-friendly options, but they quickly gained a reputation for their quality sound, distinctive tone, and unique aesthetic appeal.

GT40 Supercar Guitars

GT40 guitar

  • Uniqueness: 10/10
    (Safir GT40 designed the guitar for the GT40 50th Anniversary)
  • Style and Design relating to the car: 10/10
    (Difficult build with curvy wood and insets plus custom metal parts)
  • Instrument quality: 10/10
    (Top build quality, great action and incredible sound)
  • Certification: COA by GT40 as an official product
    (also includes trademarked GT40 metal chassis plate)
  • Pricing: sold new for $5995
    (The first Victory Series neck through guitars only had a production run of less than 20 worldwide so these are very rare)

As time progressed into the 21st century, an important car anniversary came around where the Ford GT40 battled Ferrari at the world famous 24 hours of Le Mans and made history in 1966 becoming the first North American car to win the race. The GT40 story has been written into many books as well as made into a motion picture film "Ford v Ferrari". As the GT40 car approached the 50th Anniversary of these Le Mans wins, Safir GT40 (who still produces the official trademarked GT40 cars today), decided to create a GT40 commemorative guitar to represent the revered race cars.

These guitars were not branding added to an existing guitar, these guitars are both works of art and a stunning instrument to play. Needless to say, the guitars were in design and production for over one year before they were approved by the official trademarked GT40 company and available to the public. This car guitar is the most unique in the fact that certification is directly from the GT40 supercar company and each guitars ownership is tracked with personalized Certificates of Authenticity. You buy a guitar and you officially own a GT40! Certification on these collectors guitars include a metal chassis plate embedded in the body of the guitars plus official certification papers, similar to what the GT40 car owners receive when purchasing a new GT40 racecar. When they say you become a part of GT40 history, you actually do as your guitar is registered in the GT40 Wordwide Registry.

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Fender Guitars GT Shelby Stratocaster

Fender Shelby GT Guitar
  • Uniqueness: 2/10
    (looks like a basic Stratocaster with decals)
  • Style and Design relating to the car: 2/10
    (custom metal neck mount with decals by Ford)
  • Instrument quality: 8/10
    (Great Fender quality with materials and playability)
  • Certification: COA by Fender
    (in partnership with Ford
  • Pricing: used estimated at $2000-$2500
    (based on listings in 2023)

The 2007 Limited Edition Fender Ford Mustang Shelby GT Stratocaster is an exquisite collector's item, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship Fender is known for. Produced in a highly limited run of only 200, this guitar, holds a significant value for collectors.

Fender Guitars Stratocaster 1

Fender Shelby GT Guitar
  • Uniqueness: 10/10
    (using carbon fibre and unique Saleen S1 styled design)
  • Style and Design relating to the car: 8/10
    (Custom build with curves to match the Saleen car)
  • Instrument quality: 10/10
    (Not tested but expected to be Fenders top quality from their Custom Shop)
  • Certification: Fender
  • Pricing: Only one made $33,000
    (valued in 2020 as a Prestige Collection Strat)

Fender designed the Stratocaster 1. Only one (Stratocaster 1) was made by the Fender custom shop which celebrated the Saleen S1 sports car, featuring a hollow carbon-fiber body with a hand-carved maple top. Finished in Candy Apple Red, reminiscent of the Saleen presentation car, the Stratocaster 1 incorporated modern materials like carbon for the bridge and fretboard, combined with a quarter-sawn roasted maple neck. As you might have already figured out, creating and designing such a guitar is an expensive task, so the Stratocaster 1 hit the shelves at estimated $33,000,a significantly higher price than a regular Fender Custom Shop instrument.

VW Guitars

VW Guitar
  • Uniqueness: 5/10
    (Customized knobs and built in guitar effects to play through car stereo)
  • Style and Design relating to the car: 4/10
    (Generic design relating to the 2006 Jetta, Rabbit or Beetle)
  • Instrument quality: 5/10
    (The model tested had poor quality in finishing, but sounded good)
  • Certification: First Act
  • Pricing: estimated $250 - $500
    (estimated in 2021)

The First Act Volkswagen GarageMaster Guitar is a unique electric guitar model, offered as part of a limited-edition promotion with Volkswagen in 2006. Customers who purchased or leased a 2006 VW Jetta, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle, or New Beetle Convertible could obtain this custom guitar, which is designed to be played through the car's audio system. The GarageMaster guitar features a solid poplar body with a glossy white finish, complemented by a three-piece black-on-white pickguard and chrome hardware. Its custom design includes a color-coordinated pickguard to match the purchased car and a plate on the back of the headstock featuring the car's VIN.